We will review the customer journey setting it against the brand experience...


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Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, observe your brand from the customers perspective or see your store through a fresh pair of eyes?


see has been a natural evolution of the process we use to get to the heart of a brief. Breaking down all the key elements and understanding what works and what needs fixing. Enabling a clear understanding of the clients expectations of the design aims for their brand/product/store environment.


Store format






see allows a clear understanding of how to take a project forward. By observing the environment allowing us to make a clear evaluation of
what works, what needs improving and what is missing. It creates a strong foundation at the beginning of a project with clear sight of the aims and expectations of the client.


We don’t just let the emperor know if he has no clothes on but go further and make sure his jacket goes with his shoes and that the colour works with his eyes.


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